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Living room is one such place in your house which can be used for different purposes like you can use this room for spending leisure activities with your family or use it for entertaining your gusts. But for whatever purpose you have to use it, you should decorate it well. One thing that you should do carefully is to decide about the theme of your decoration. This is important because if you know your interior design for living room theme, then you will be able to decide about the budget required as well as other planning. Following are some easy and economical ways in which you will be able to give a complete new look to your living room while staying in your budget.


Splash your Niche

You can bring creative changes by just selecting the right color for your living room wall. You can add shades and colors by painting a wall with bold colors. It will make this wall your center point in whole room without spending a lot of money. Alcoves and niches are places that you can paint for this.

Sofa Cushions

Another thing that you can do easily is to add some pillows or cushions to furniture of your living room. This will add beautiful colors to your furniture. If you choose patterned and bright colored cushions it will make extra impact on your interior design. While placing cushions on your sofas and furniture, you must make sure that it will be comfortable seating.

Mother Nature Effects

Why don`t you use lowers and green plants to your living room, it will not only add fragrance but also improve style and showcase your taste. It will further have a soothing feeling regarding your interior design for living room. If you think that you will not feel comfortable with plants and flowers in your living room, or you cannot take proper care of these, so it’s better to go for artificial plants and flowers rather than natural plants.


Fancy Lamp

Fancy lamp can easily add on to a beautiful interior design for living room. If you worry for electrical components then you can easily install these inside any sculpture or pot, it will not only show your personality but also give exclusiveness to your room decorations. Yellow lights are immensely seductive as well as play a soothing role.

Floor Coloring

Coloring the floor of your living room is also an interesting idea. You can add rugs to add fun element. These rugs can easily be used on hardwood flooring. Further there is no restriction of using these on plain carpets. One thing that you have to be careful is that to select a rug that match the theme of your overall interior design for living room. Otherwise no matter how beautiful and decorative your rug is, it will not look good.

These are few tips that you have to follow to get a beautiful interior design for living room, without spending a lot from your budget.